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Bore Yourself To MLM Residual Income

How can you bore yourself to creating residual income in MLM or any business for that matter?

You may have read my other posts talking about how passion is essential for succeeding in anything. So why would I talk about getting bored?

Well, you see, no matter how passionate you are about anything whether it’s an MLM opportunity, a traditional business or anything, there will be parts of whatever you are passionate about that you don’t like doing (or even hate doing) and you feel absolutely bored and annoyed doing them.

Bored in MLMBut often times those are things you must do to be fully effective in doing what you’re passionate about. These may be things like making phone calls to prospects, posting ads, ordering and shipping product, etc., you get the idea. Read More…

Ideas On Getting Free Online Advertising

Here are some ideas on getting free online advertising.

Advertising is the lifeblood of any business, whether it’s affiliate marketing, MLM or any traditional business. Whatever business you’re in, you must learn how to advertise your business effectively.

The good thing about online advertising is that there so many ways to get free advertising that you can never get to all of them. How much free advertising you can get online is limited by only your imagination.

Getting Free Online AdvertisingHere are some ideas on getting free online advertising:

Free Online Advertising Idea 1 – Use Pinterest and pin your images. Whenever you have an image of yourself or anything else you are doing, pin it on Pinterest with your website link. This is something that many people don’t think of doing. You can put a description with your keywords with your image. If you’re not doing this, you are missing out on some really cool free traffic when people search for images on Google. Read More…

How To Make Money In MLM If You Lack Passion For It

Many people start in MLM so that they can make some extra money or make a full-time income in it but lack the passion for it. Perhaps they like the idea of residual income and want to have freedom of time or they just want to have a backup income.

As you know, working something and trying to make it work, especially if it’s a business is difficult if you don’t have the passion for it. You end up not being creative and not being enthusiastic.

Lacking Passion in MLMPassion is what drives you when you have tasks that you really don’t want to do. Passion is what will keep you persistent in the face of rejection. Passion is what will make you enthusiastic when you’re not feeling so excited.

Passion is critical. Without passion for what you do, it is difficult to succeed.

So what do you do if you don’t really have a passion for MLM or a home business or online marketing? Should you give up even before you start? Read More…

How To Build Multiple Streams Of Income In MLM

Who doesn’t want multiple streams of income, especially in MLM or Affiliate Marketing? Getting paid from different sources is absolutely the best thing you can have financially. Don’t you agree?

Multiple streams of income in MLM is sort of a debatable issue. On one hand you want to focus on promoting one thing at a time (that’s what all the success gurus say) and on the other hand you see the necessity of not depending on one Company.

Multiple Streams of Income in MLMYou see as a Network Marketer, you must realize one thing… There is a price to pay for the freedom of your time. Sure you don’t have to show up for work every day. But that is also your disadvantage. You usually don’t have any control of the decisions the MLM Company makes and the actions they take.

As you probably know, many Network Marketers have lost huge incomes (including myself) because the MLM Company they were working with decided to make changes that were not favorable to the existing distributors. Sometimes these changes are intended to take income away from established distributors and sometimes they are just bad decisions. Read More…

What Product Makes The Hottest MLM Opportunity?

Most people enter the MLM opportunity arena with the goal of making an extra income. They are usually are not thinking of a particular type of product to sell. They just want to supplement their income, get some diversification in their earnings or they just want to have a backup income source in case if they lose their primary source of income.

Usually not too much thought is given to what MLM product to sell. As long as the compensation plan is good, the website is cool and other people are making money, most people just go along with it.

What is the right MLM product?Well, if you’re trying to make some quick money and not care too much about building a business that pays residual income year after year, then yes maybe you can take the approach of not caring what the product is.

But let me tell you this… it absolutely does matter WHAT you are selling IF you want to build a long-term business paying you a stable residual income.

It matters because of the following reasons: Read More…