Quanta Review And Mindset Training Review

Here is a review of the Quanta opportunity and personal training program.

What is Quanta? The word itself means a “sudden and significant change” which applies to all aspects of our lives.

Quanta is a Personal Empowerment and Personal Coaching Program and a Business Opportunity created by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes.

Jim Britt and Jim Lutes are experts in coaching individuals in becoming successful in every area of their lives. Thousand have attended their coaching and personal development seminars and they have helped change lives of thousands of people.

They have taken their expertise and put it in the Quanta program making it available to anyone who wants to improve their life and have more success at a very affordable price.

Quanta Review - Jim Lutes & Jim BrittQuanta is also a business opportunity with the 100% commission model. What that means is that 100% of the sales are paid out to Affiliates. The program is designed to also provide leverage where you get to earn from the efforts of others and you have the potential of earning unlimited income.

How can Quanta pay out 100% commissions and still remain profitable? They charge a $24.95/month Affiliate fee to those who want to market the Quanta program. This Affiliate Program is optional. This is the only money that the Company gets to run its operations; the rest is paid out in 100% commissions to Affiliates (minus credit card fees).


Quanta’s business model of 100% commissions has been used by other Companies and has proven to be an effective model and has generated incomes in the hundreds of thousands for many individuals. It is a business model that works, because Affiliates make money with it more quickly as compared to a multi-level payout model. Take a look at Quanta’s Compensation Plan by watching the video below.

Review of what exactly Quanta offers?

Quanta brings to you well designed personal empowerment and success coaching programs to help you reach higher levels of success without having to go to seminars or events and at a very affordable cost. Quanta is created for anyone interested in taking the opportunity to access power-packed mentoring, techniques, strategies and the daily support needed to accomplish the most ambitious goals.

It is personal coaching that can change your life.

Each Quanta program utilizes many disciplines including Letting Go, Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology and more. Each program on the Quanta journey is designed to unlock the power of the mind to affect permanent and lasting Positive change.

Why Quanta - A Review?Review of why use Quanta? Why not coach yourself?

It is possible to coach yourself by reading personal development books, listening to personal development coaches, going to events. However, most people find it difficult to stay on course on their own and slip back to their own habits. Quanta gives you the opportunity to put youself on a program for success. You are systematically coached in all areas of your life with techniques, strategies and methods that have been successfully used by Jim Lutes and Jim Britt. This allows you to stay on track and will put you in the mood and state of mind to do even more self-improvement on your own.

Review of whether or not you need Personal Coaching?

Success rarely happens by accident. Those who succeed have trained theirs minds to work for them. Having the right mindset for success is critical. Without the right mindset, your subconscious mind may not help you bring results that you want in your life, no matter how many great opportunities you have.

Quanta SuccessWe all have observed people who seem to effortlessly succeed while there are others who seem to be struggling to have even the smallest successes in their lives. Why is that so? It is because those who seem to succeed effortlessly or with little effort have one way or the other trained their minds to attract and accept more success in their lives. They have become success conscious. Their subconscious mind is in alignment with what they really want. There is less or little conflict between what they want and what are programmed to achieve. Quanta will bring you in alignment with what you really consciously want.

You see, your life is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs about everything you have in your life. If your subconscious mind believes that you can only earn a certain amount of money, then that is what you will see yourself earning. If your subconscious mind believes that you can be healthy, then you will be healthy and so on.

Often times, our conscious mind wants one thing and our subconscious mind is programmed for something else. Our subconscious beliefs are a result of years of programming since we were born. All the beliefs about what we can do and what we cannot do, what we can have and what we cannot have, what kind or relationships we have, etc. is all programmed in our subconscious. This programming runs on autopilot, it brings into reality everything we see around us.

Conflict of MindUnfortunately, this subconscious programming is not is alignment with what we really desire for ourselves. Even though we want to make a lot of money, we want to be rich, we want to have good relationships, if our subconscious mind does not believe that, we will find it very difficult to get what we want.

We may even find temporarily success in any area of our life, but if our subconscious mind is not programmed for it, we will end up losing what we have.

Until we re-program our subconscious mind, we will find it difficult to achieve and keep what we really want.

Quanta is about helping you change your subconscious beliefs and bringing them in alignment with what you really want through conscious and subconscious techniques, strategies and methods that Jim Britt and Jim Lutes have been successfully using and teaching thousands of people for decades.

Ready for Change with QuantaWith Quanta, you just follow the program and you will find yourself achieving more, feeling better and bringing more happiness and success in your life.

Review of why Jim Britt and Jim Lutes?

Quanta is the creation of Jim Lutes and Jim Britt, two top class entrepreneurs and personal development and direct sales experts.

Quanta is not just a Network Marketing or MLM program thrown together. Its solid, well thought out and built with integrity by design and very profitable if you promote it.

Jim Britt and Jim Lutes have successfully coached and helped thousands of people for decades and have the reputation of being top coaches for personal development. Their services are highly sought by Corporations and individuals looking for peak performance. They are professionals in the personal development arena who are known for producing results.

Jim Britt and Jim Lutes are well qualified to provide high quality personal development coaching for anyone.

Who is co-owner Jim Britt – A Review:

Jim Britt of QuantaJim Britt is a experienced entrepreneur, bestselling author, a peak performance coach and a recognized expert in the direct selling industry. He has served as a success coach to over 300 companies and trained over 1,000,000 people in his seminars.

Jim Britt is an icon in personal development. He was recently named as one of the top 20 living success coaches and received the Best of the Best award out of the top 100 contributors of all time to the direct sales industry, as well as trainer of the year award. Jim was also Tony Robbins coach and mentor his first five years in business

Jim Britt is author of 16 bestselling books and programs including, “Do This Get Rich! For Network Marketers,” “Rings of Truth,” “The Power of Letting Go,” “Unleashing Your Authentic Power,” “Freedom,” “Money, How to Earn it How to make it Grow,” The Law of Realization and “Cracking the Rich Code,” to name a few.

Jim Britt is more than aware of the challenges and obstacles we all face in making adaptive and necessary changes for a sustainable future.

For more info on Jim Britt, go to:

Who is co-owner Jim Lutes – A Review:

Jim LutesMention the name Jim Lutes and there’s a good chance that a high performer in your company has been to one or more of Jim Lute’s dynamic and live-changing coaching programs.

Jim Lutes in his early twenties made a decision to pursue entrepreneurship as the sole direction for him to take and he never looked back. As a Master Hypnotist he utilized his skills and talent involving the human mind and skillfully combining it with the power of influence, persuasion, communication and proven entrepreneur strategies and techniques. Jim Lutes launched “Lutes International” in the early 1990s. His primary focus is training entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Jim Lutes possesses a unique capability to bring about performance change in a person in a fraction of the time it takes most other coaches. Jim Lutes methods allow individuals to reach new levels of empowerment, achievement and fulfillment in all areas of their lives. The results Jim Lutes produces are absolutely amazing.

For more info on Jim Lutes, go to:

Review of Quanta’s Programs:

Quanta's Personal Performance PlatformPersonal Performance Platform – This is Quanta’s basic program, it is daily short coaching videos developed to immediately put you on the program for success. Plus 2 Personal Performance audios per week to further help you bring about positive change. It is designed to help you grow in all areas of our life.

Quanta's Fusion ProgramThe Fusion Program – This is digitally delivered merger of The Most Life Changing Programs you’ve ever experienced. Thousands of lives have already been transformed with the knowledge presented in this program. It is the merger of Jim Britt’s “The Power Of Letting Go” and Jim Lutes “Mind Masterpiece”.

Review of why the Quanta Opportunity is so lucrative:

Quanta is an opportunity that ANYONE can benefit from. In fact, if you want to succeed in anything, you need Quanta. If you are not having success in one or more areas of your life whether its relationships, making money, health or anything else; you will benefit from Quanta. So the market for Quanta customers is huge.

Freedom thru Quanta ReviewHere are some of the reasons why Quanta is positioned to make many new Millionaires in the next few years:

1. Quanta is appealing to anyone who wants to be successful, whether they are in Network Marketing or not. It is mindset training that people are now realizing more and more that the proper mindset is critical for success.

2. You can market Quanta to ALL MLMers and Network Marketers regardless of what MLM Company they are working with. Quanta will simply help them do better with their primary MLM, and even help them create an additional stream of income giving them diversity of income. By sharing Quanta with their downline, they will make their downline distributors more capable of achieving more success and capable of more duplication.

3. Quanta gives you the opportunity to bring in just customers who are not interested in marketing Quanta. This allows you to go outside of the Network Marketing groups and have non-MLMers join in Quanta.

4. Quanta is an international and it’s digital, so growth can be very rapid and without delivery issues. With the 100% commission model, it is very attractive to people who are serious about making money.

5. Quanta provides a real value that people are happy to pay. This is critical for long-term success. We have all seen Companies that charge too much for what they give you just because they are offering an MLM or Affiliate opportunity to make money, we know those Companies do well for some time but they don’t last, because they are not based on providing real value. Once the excitement is gone, Companies that don’t provide real value cannot keep their distributors.

6. Quanta is affordable, you don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get started.

7. Jim Lutes and Jim Britt have an impeccable reputation. They are masters in personal development. Their expertise is in high demand. This factor alone has the potential of bringing in millions of people.

8. Quanta is very Internet friendly. That means that people all over the world are going to be able to market this effectively.

9. Quanta has adopted a compensation plan that has proven to produce very large incomes in some other programs. The 100% commission model works very well.

10. Quanta’s products are such that they will help people become more successful in whatever they do, including promoting Quanta. This will help develop distributors that are committed and trained to be successful.

11. Jim Lutes and Jim Britt believe in operating very ethically. They don’t believe in hype. They are building for long-term success. This is important when you are building a Network Marketing business because as a Network Marketing distributor, you don’t have any control over what the MLM Company does. So working with an ethical, moral and honest MLM Company is important for the security of your long-term income.

Defeat Failure with help of QuantaQuanta is a life-changing program and an opportunity that pays very well. Get started today by clicking the link below and position yourself to help others, help yourself and earn a great income.

Thank you for reading this review and I hope it helps you make the right decision.

Quanta Review



–Aziz Jangbar

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  1. David Mincey says:

    There are to many not seen things that you say will be coming out .How are we to know just what it is. That’s like buying a car and never seeing it and not know whether it runs or not or even what color it is. your pre. recorded video froze up.i must say that your Blog page is impressive .

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Buying a car is an expense of thousands of dollars, Quanta is just $25/month, it’s not exactly comparable. Jim Britt and Jim Lutes have successfully created programs that have helped thousands of people over decades. There is no reason why they won’t deliver with Quanta. So it’s a good prediction that Quanta will deliver. Nothing is 100% guaranteed. In life sometimes you have to take small calculated chances to move ahead. If you look back in your own life, you will see that the biggest breakthroughs you had was when you took a chance, believed in something and took action.

  2. AP says:

    Good review of Quanta opportunity.

  3. Monty Shephard says:

    Good review of Quanta.

  4. Theo Robbinson says:

    I have been searching for a good online opportunity and I think that Quanta might just be what I have been looking for. I understand the importance of joining a programme like this instead of trying to coach yourself as it is easy not to keep yourself in line. I am going to certainly do some more reading behind this as you’ve certainly acquired my attention by doing this review!

  5. Abby Grout says:

    I am not sure if Quanta is going to be appealing to all Network Marketers. I mean most people don’t have the mentally to work on themselves while they are trying to make money or succeed in any way. So I am not sure if I agree that it can be marketed to all MLMers. At the same time, I can see how Quanta would be appealing some MLMers. Let’s see how Quanta does, good review though.

  6. George Hopton says:

    Personal coaching is a very important aspect of being as successful as possible, many people think that it is possible to get the same results from teaching themselves, they will always be at a distinct disadvantage to someone else who received personal coaching. If Quanta offers the coaching the way you are explaining, then it can be a very valuable program.

  7. Joe Robbinson says:

    Quanta sounds like a great system for personal growth and most likely I will get involved. I was involved in similar program in the past, and I was disappointed at how little progress I was able to make. Hopefully with Quanta I can have a different experience! :) Your review has encouraged me to take a closer look.

  8. Marcus Rios says:

    Quanta may be a good program, but it really depends on YOU how well you do in anything. No one can make you successful, all they can do is coach you. I hope people don’t start thinking that by joining Quanta, they will become successful. Sure they can get some good coaching, but if they don’t make a serious commitment to creating success and taking action, nothing’s gonna happen. Ultimately YOU are responsible for your own success. Whether Quanta works for you or not depends on YOU. This review is obviously done to sell you the program. If you decide to join, just realize that it can only coach you and not magically transform you into a super star.

  9. Charles Dunningham says:

    I like what I see so far about Quanta, but with so many new MLM companies promising so many things and not delivering, I wish they had some kind of trial program. I am going to watch this before I jump in. Thanks for the great review.

  10. Ken Conrad Ashworth says:

    I have to agree with Marcus on this one. No matter how good a programme you are involved with, you will not see the results that you are looking for without investing a sufficient amount of effort first. Coaches are there to give you guidance as to how to make the most of the tools that you have, it is completely up to you how effectively you use those tools or whether you use them at all. Take action. Get the rewards!

  11. Harvey Nelson says:

    Quanta offers real value. The first video and audio was released today and I loved it. This is the best self-development coaching you can get. Awesome Quanta review!

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Yeah I was also very pleased with Jim Britt’s video and the bi-weekly audio from Jim Lutes. It is everything that the Jims promised. Thanks for your comment!

  12. Fae M. Watkins says:

    Your review says that Quanta has a daily video program, how does the program work? Do they email you a daily video or do you have to download the programs?

    • AzizJangbar says:

      You receive an email everyday notifying you of a new video uploaded in your member’s area. You log into the member’s area and watch the video and listen to the audios. All of Quanta’s programs are delivered this way. You simply log in and access your programs. There is nothing to download. Thanks for your question.

  13. Stephanie Miller says:

    Great Quanta review, Aziz!

  14. Clarence Pinner says:

    It’s interesting to see that these 100% Commissions plans have become so popular. Does Quanta allow you to have your own merchant account?

  15. John Baker says:

    Is Quanta an MLM or an Affiliate Program?

  16. Jeanie Tasha says:

    Does Quanta provide Lead Capture Pages?

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Yes, they are working on creating Lead Capture Pages and many other tools. They have just launched, that’s why they just have the website right now. They plan to bring on many powerful Internet Marketing tools.

  17. Jacklyn Smith says:

    This compensation plan looks like Empower Network

  18. Jonathon Major says:

    Quanta is quite affordable, even though the income potential is very good. Glad I found this review.

  19. Jim Clark says:

    The 100% Commission model doesn’t seem to promote teambuilding as much as a regular MLM opportunity does. It seems more like just an affiliate program.

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Well, actually there is great incentive in helping those you sponsor and the people they sponsor into the program because you get pass ups of sales. If you watch the compensation plan video in the Quanta review above, you can see that you can get pass ups from infinite levels deep. In short there is great incentive to work with your team :)

  20. Nelson Kenworth says:

    Quanta Rocks!!!

  21. Bill Stark says:

    Little slow in putting things together, but it looks like it’s going to be a good long-term program.

  22. Don Thurston says:

    But you can’t get spillover from a 100% compensation plan.

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Yeah, success from spillover is a myth anyway. I have not known anyone who made a significant income from spillover.

  23. Balfour Horton says:

    Great review! I believe that any product that actually aims to benefit all parties who are involved with it will succeed greatly, and I see a lot of value with both being a customer of Quanta and an advertiser. Additionally, the fact that this is not one of those systems that costs an extravagant amount it a huge plus too, as that can certainly be a turn off for many potential customers.

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Yes, the lessons that you learn from being a customer of Quanta is worth much more than what it costs. It’s an awesome opportunity to be involved in. Thanks, Balfour, for your comment.

  24. Roseanne Stark says:

    The training in Quanta has been awesome! It really puts you on the path to success. The opportunity to make money with it is icing on the cake :)

  25. Richard F. Smith says:

    I have always wanted to be a part of system such as Quanta, which aims to benefit more than just the advertiser through commissions. I have been involved with some similar companies in the past that have no incentive to provide real value to the consumer, and whilst they certainly paid out well to their advertisers I wasn’t comfortable essentially marketing rubbish.

    Quanta seems different and I will be sure to give it a try for myself.

  26. Kristeen Seppelt says:

    Really good Quanta review. I got the info I needed.

  27. Doug Watters says:

    Going thru Quanta’s Fusion program. It is absolutely the best personal development teaching I have ever come across. It’s really life-changing. So glad I got in. Even if you don’t make any money from this program, it is so absolutely worth it! Great review.

  28. Victoria says:

    Is the training in Quanta more geared towards Network Marketing or is it more like general personal development?

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Great question, it is more overall personal development that you can take anymore and have more success, not only financially but in your relationships and anything else you do. It’s really investing in yourself, so you can make more money, be happier, healthier and have great relationships. Just like we need to eat healthy food to stay healthy, we need good mindset training to perform better.

  29. Jim says:

    Quanta appears to be solid direct sales opportunity, How many affiliates / distributors are currently involved with Quanta? Will folks get involved with out being a distributor? EI– I use nutritional supplements yet I’m not in the vitamin business!

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Yes, Quanta is set up to be a solid long-term affiliate opportunity. They haven’t disclosed exactly how many affiliates there are in Quanta at this time. It is fairly new, Quanta just launched in end of January 2014. I am estimating that there are several thousand affiliates and customers in it at this time. You can definitely get involved as a customer only. The affiliate program is optional. It is $24.95/month to be a customer and if you want to be an affiliate also, it is an additional $25/month. As an affiliate you get 100% commissions of all product sales including the $24.95/month (minus credit card fees).

  30. Angelo says:

    Is Quanta currently paying out commissions?

  31. Anne says:

    How long has the Quanta opportunity been around? What do you get for 24.95 a month and are the coaching sessions recorded or personalized for each individual? How long are the sessions? What kind of a time commitment is involved to be successful to work towards a retirement date of say 5 yrs? Can this be done along side regular employment commitments? Thanks.

    • AzizJangbar says:

      Quanta was launched in January 2014. For $24.95/month, you get a daily video (Monday thru Friday) for self-development done by either Jim Lutes or Jim Britt. These video recordings are available to you in your Member’s area. They are not personalized to you. These sessions are 3 to 8 minutes long. If you want to work it as a business, there is an additional fee of $25/month to be an affiliate. This can definitely be done part-time while you work your regular job. How much you succeed in it and how long it takes you to earn a certain income is completely up to you. There is no set time frame for creating any kind of income.

  32. Justin Allen Hammonds says:

    Hey Aziz do you earn pass ups from your 1st person. So if you sign up 1 person and that person signs up 5 people do you get 2 passups?

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